530CFM Portable Compressor

The new modern and streamlined look of ROTAIR portable compressors has compact dimensions for handling ease


Equipment Class


ROTAIR MDVS 165 P Portable Diesel Air Compressor.
The new modern and streamlined look of ROTAIR portable compressors with compact dimensions for handling ease, whilst at the same offering high performance levels. Built tough and reliable for the demanding Australian conditions. 50c ambient for extreme operating conditions.


  •  “Intelligent System”- enables a pre-heating of the engine without overloading it, the air end will start working only when the perfect conditions are reached.
  • Fuel Saving System- when the compressed air is not required, the system allows to compress air at a much lower thus saving fuel consumption significantly. Up to 20% in fuel saving!


  • Free Air Delivery (Lt/min)- 16,500
  • Operating Pressure - 10 Bar
  • Free Air Delivery (CFM)- 530
  • Transmission Motor-Screw Unit- Direct Drive
  • Engine Make- PERKINS1106D-E66TA
  • Aspiration- Turbo
  • Noise level EEC standard no 2000/14: 100 db(A)
  • Outlet valve configuration 3x3/4” + 1x2”
  • Cooling System- Water
  • No. Engine Cylinders- 6
  • Engine Power (Kw)- 130
  • Engine Power (Hp)- 176
  • Max Engine (RPM)- 2,200
  • Min Engine (RPM)- 1,100
  • Diesel Capacity: 37L
  • Length (with drawbar)- 4,242mm
  • Width- 1,960mm
  • Height- 2,569mm
  • Weight (wet)- 2,600KG
  • Tire size: 4 x 205R15

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