Twin Drum Roller - 1.7t

Ideal for footpaths and repair work as well as finishing work in road construction.


Double Drum Vibrating Rollers
Equipment Class
Twin Drum Roller


The twin drum roller comes with two steel drums – one at the front and one at the rear end. The drums are responsible for moving the roller forward and backwards. The drums of the twin drum roller may not provide excellent traction on all surfaces. Because of this, twin drum roller is most commonly used for asphalt compaction. Also, because there are no tires or wheels, the twin drum roller is less maneuverable on the ground when compared with the single drum roller. Although they are generally used for asphalt compaction, the twin drum rollers are also useful for compacting soil sub-base and other aggregate base materials. Some twin drum roller models come equipped with additional features for more effective compaction. For example, the double drum vibratory roller creates excellent finish on asphalt surfaces.

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Technical Data

Operating Weight 1,700kg

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