Excavator Steel Tracked - 13 - 14 tonne

This excavator makes an ideal workhorse for smaller building and construction sites where productivity and performance is required.


Equipment Class


Brooks Hire stock the Kamatsu PC130 & Sany SY135C models in our 13 - 14 tonne excavator fleet.

Sany's SY135C compact excavator adopts optimized engine output power, variable working modes, large-capacity fuel tank and reinforced structure, ensuring its top performance, high productivity and reliability.

The engine output power of SY135C 13.5 ton excavator is 73kW with increased hydraulic power and improved fuel efficiency. The 13.5 tonne excavator adopts the customized engine with four cylinder, four-stroke direct-injection turbocharger, and providing strong operating power for the machine. The engine is designed with four working modes. The working mode can be changed on the monitor, which can maximize the operating efficiency and reduce the fuel consumption.

Download Specifications Brochure for Sany SY135C 

The Komatsu PC130 delivers productivity, reliability and operator comforts in a robust, environmentally-friendly package. Komatsu’s exclusive, on-board, HydrauMind system assists in all operations, providing enhanced machine performance that’s always perfectly matched to the task.

​This unit incorporates the latest technology, ergomics and features to ensure high productivity at a minimal operating cost.

It is an integrated design which now includes a host of standard factory installed items, such as: Large ROPS Cabin, Emergency Stops, Quick Hitch and Attachment Piping to name a few!

This holistic approach means piece of mind and compliance with industry and customer expectations; additionally, it ensures a quiet environment for the operator.

The Komatsu Dash 8 excavators have been founded on an impeccable lineage of proven thoroughbred machines.

Download Specifications Brochure for Komatsu PC130-8

Download Specifications Brochure for Komatsu PC130-7



Operating Weight 13,000 kg
Flywheel horse power 66 kW / 288 HP
Bucket capacity (SAE heaped) 0.08 m3
Bucket capacity (CECE heaped) 0.0 m3
Bucket size 0.53 m3



Swing speed 11 rpm
Ground pressure 0.27 kg/cm2
Horsepower, Gross – SAE   72.1
Horsepower, Net – ISO         68.4
Horsepower, Net – SAE        68.4
Rated RPM    2200
Fan drive method     Mechanical
Displacement (litre)  3.26
Number of cylinders 4




A Overall length                                               7590 mm

B Length on ground (transport)                    4410 mm

C Overall height (to top of boom)                    2875 mm

D Overall width                                                2500 mm

E Overall height (to top of cab)                        2855 mm

F Ground clearance, counterweight                 895 mm

G Ground clearance (minimum)                       400 mm

H Tail swing radius                                           2190 mm

I Track length on ground                                 2880 mm

J Track length                                                  3610 mm

K Track gauge                                                 1990 mm

L Width of crawler                                            2490 mm

M Shoe width                                                   500 mm

N Grouser height                                             20 mm

O Machine cab height                                      1925 mm

P Machine cab width                                        2500 mm

Q Distance, swing center to rear end               2110 mm

Working Range

A Max. digging height                                     8650 mm

B Max. dumping height                                    6210 mm

C Max. digging depth                                       5520 mm

D Max. vertical wall digging depth                    4980 mm

E Max. digging depth of cut for 8′ level           5320 mm

F Max. digging reach                                       8290 mm

G Max. digging reach at ground level               8170 mm

H Min. swing radius                                         2450 mm



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