Excavator Steel Tracked - 45 to 48 tonne

Large excavators used for major projects where a lot of earth needs to be moved.


Equipment Class


Brooks Hire stock the Komatsu PC450LC-8 in this category.

​This unit incorporates the latest technology, ergonomics and features to ensure high productivity at a minimal operating cost. It is an integrated design which now includes a host of standard factory installed items, such as: Large ROPS Cabin, Emergency Stops, Quick Hitch and Attachment Piping to name a few! This holistic approach means piece of mind and compliance with industry and customer expectations; additionally, it ensures a quiet comfortable environment for the operator. The Komatsu Dash 8 excavators have been founded on an impeccable lineage of proven thoroughbred machines.​

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Operating Weight 44320kg
Swing speed 9.1 rpm
Bucket digging force (ISO) 28300 kgf
Arm crowd force (ISO) 23800 kgf
Digging depth – maximum (mm)7790
Digging reach – maximum (mm)12005
Maximum reach @ ground level (mm)11800
Horsepower, Gross – SAE (kW)270
Horsepower, Net – ISO (kW)257
Horsepower, Net – SAE (kW)257
Rated RPM 1900
Fan drive methodMechanical
Displacement (litre) 11.04
Number of cylinders 6



A Overall length                                               12040mm

B Length on ground (transport)                       6725 mm

C Overall height (to top of boom)                    3660 mm

D Overall width                                                3430 mm

E Overall height (to top of cab)                        3285 mm

F Ground clearance, counterweight                 1320 mm

G Ground clearance (minimum)                       550 mm

H Tail swing radius                                           3645 mm

I Track length on ground                                 4350 mm

J Track length                                                  5385 mm

K Track gauge                                                 2740 mm

L Width of crawler                                            3340 mm

M Shoe width                                                   600 mm

N Grouser height                                             37 mm

O Machine cab height                                      2920 mm

P Machine cab width                                        3165 mm

Q Distance, swing center to rear end               3605 mm



Working Range

A Max. digging height                                     10925 mm

B Max. dumping height                                    7625 mm

C Max. digging depth                                       7790 mm

D Max. vertical wall digging depth                    6600 mm

E Max. digging depth of cut for 8′ level           7650 mm

F Max. digging reach                                       12005 mm

G Max. digging reach at ground level               11800 mm

H Min. swing radius                                         4805 mm



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