Excavator Wheeled - 14t

Wheeled excavators provide excellent off-road capability thanks to four-wheel drive and large ground clearance. 


Equipment Class


  • Stage III standard environmental-friendly engine achieve real-time and accurate control of throttle by switching between different modes such as traveling and digging.
  • Four-wheel drive, large ground clearance, excellent off-road capability.
  • Electronic-controlling and positive flow hydraulic system brings better operation accuracy.
  • With the capability of traveling in high speed greatly shortens transit.
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Weight 15 t
Transport length 8 m
Transport width 2.6 m
Transport height 3.2 m
Ground clearance 360mm
Max. Digging Reach  8.9 m
Max. Digging Depth 5.4 m
Engine model Deutz
Engine type Hydraulic
Engine power 115 kW @ 2000 rpm


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