Vibrating Roller Padfoot Drum - 18t

High compaction performance thanks to high line loads and big amplitudes.


Pad Foot Vibrating Rollers
Equipment Class
Pad Foot Vibe Roller


Brooks Hire stock Caterpillar and Hamm padfoot vibe rollers in this weight category.

The Caterpillar CP76B features padfoot drums are ideal for compacting cohesive and semi-cohesive materials and can be equipped with either Cat exclusive oval pads or conventional square pads. The exclusive Cat dual pump propel system provides steady hydraulic flow for unmatched gradeability and now has been enhanced with electronic control for even better performance. 
Download Specification Brochure for CAT CP76B

The HAMM 3518P is a compactor with vibratory padfoot drum with 3-point articulation for outstanding traction and off-road mobility, simple, intuitive and language-neutral operation and high compaction performance thanks to high line load and big amplitudes.
Download Specification Brochure for HAMM 3518P

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