Socomec MDO 2300 TS

The Socomec Rockbreaker is unique in allowing the piston and the internal sleeves to be replaced or or to replace the seals without loosening the tie rods.


Rock Breaker
Equipment Class


Socomec Rockbreakers have the following features;

A new flow diverter valve in the input swivel that regualtes oil-flow and working pressure independent from the carriers output. It brings constant reliability to the hammers.

A new hydraulic or manual adjuster allows for setting of the pistons stroke length to suit different jobsite applications.

A new self locking tightening system for the tie rods gives them more elasticity and strength.

A new outer case, completley manufactured in high resistance steel, also has longer and wider surface side guides in the seal for the breaker for minimizing the vibrations to transferring to the case.

There is also an innovative vibrations-limiting system upper buffer.

An option is available to pressurize the stroke chamber for tunnelling or under water applications.

In addition, a special dust protection seal has been installed in the lower part of the breaker in order to stop any debris or dirt from entering.