Front End Loader - 2.2m^3

The perfect combination of performance, comfort and economy.


Wheel loaders & Tool carriers
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Tool Handler


The perfect combination of performance, comfort and economy. Never-before experienced comfort in the SpaceCab cabin, enormous tractive force and lowest fuel consumption due to an innovative and efficient hydrostatic drive-line concept. Whisper-quiet in use, almost maintenance-free and incredibly productive. These are wheel loaders that clearly earned 5 stars!


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Operating Weight12115 kg

Bucket width2550 mm

Standard bucket capacity – SAE2.5 m3

Horsepower, Gross – SAE (kW)104

Horsepower, Net – ISO (kW)103

Horsepower, Net – SAE (kW)103

Rated RPM2000

Fan drive methodHydraulic

Displacement (litre)6.69

Number of cylinders6



Tread 1930 mm

Width over tires 2375 mm

A   Wheelbase 2900 mm

B   Hinge pin height at max. height 3725 mm

C   Hinge pin height at carry position 375 mm

D   Ground clearance 395 mm

E   Hitch height 880 mm

F   Overall height top of stack 2855 mm

G   Overall height ROPS cab 3130 mm

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