L100 - Volvo L150G

The Volvo L150G is a 24t machine with Volvo engine which powers this model with up to 300kW or 402 horse power.


Wheel loaders & Tool carriers
Equipment Class
Tool Handler
Year of Manufacture


Volvo L150G had excellent visibility to the rear and to the bucket edge. Operator controls were in ergonomically positions. The cab air intake was placed high up to stay away from dusty air from the tires. L150G had a newly-designed engine hood that could be elctronically opened backwards and made access easy. The measurements of the L150G are 3.57m x 8.8m x 3.96m. The Size of standard tyres for this Volvo L150G is 26.5 R25. The Wheel Loader L150G Volvo is designed to travel at a top speed of 40km/h. Compared to other models, the maximal discharge height of 2.88m and a bucket capacity of 4.2m³ are average for this type of machine. 3.23m is the width of the bucket attached to this Volvo L150G wheel loader.

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Weight 24 t
Standard tyres 26.5 R25
Bucket width 3.23 m
Bucket capacity 4.2 m³
Steering mode KL
Transport length 8.8 m
Transport width 3.57 m
Transport height 3.96 m
Travel speed 40 km/h
Max. discharge height 2.88 m
Turning radius outside 7.4 m
Lifting force 192.7 kN
Engine manuf. Volvo
Engine type D 14 H-F
Engine power 300 kW
Displacement 12.8 l
Revolutions at max torque 1050 rpm

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