Front End Loader - 4.7 - 6.4m^3

This wheel loader is built to provide up to 266kW or 356 horse power, delivered from its powerful Komatsu engine.


Wheel loaders & Tool carriers
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The Komatsu WA 500-6 can be grouped in the biggest machine segment in the wheel loaders category. The measurements of the WA 500-6 are 3.4m x 10m x 3.8m. 29.5 R 25 is the size of standard tyres equipped on this Komatsu WA 500-6 wheel loader. Operators can travel by 43km/h with this Wheel Loader Compared to other models, the maximal discharge height of 4.77m and a bucket capacity of 4.9m³ are average for this type of machine. 3.06m is the width of the bucket attached to this Komatsu WA 500-6 wheel loader.

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Operating Weight 23360 kg

Bucket width 3170 mm

Standard bucket capacity – SAE 4.3-5.6 m3

Horsepower, Gross – SAE (kW) 266

Horsepower, Net – ISO (kW) 263

Horsepower, Net – SAE (kW) 191

Rated RPM 1900

Fan drive method Hydraulic

Displacement (litre) 11.04

Number of cylinders 6




Tread 2400 mm

Width over tires 3190 mm

A   Wheelbase 3780 mm

B   Hinge pin height at max. height 4755 mm

C   Hinge pin height at carry position 575 mm

D   Ground clearance 450 mm

E   Hitch height 1115 mm

F   Overall height top of stack 3665 mm

G   Overall height ROPS cab 3785 mm


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