L269 - Hitachi ZW180-5

The Hitachi ZW180-5 Wheel Loader is second to none when it comes to operator comfort, productivity and fuel-efficiency.


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The Hitachi ZW180-5 Wheel Loader is second to none when it comes to operator comfort, productivity and fuel-efficiency. With an industry-first advanced 5-speed Transmission, smooth shifting is assured, as well as, ease of control, high maintainability and overall reliability. Also features a new hydraulic circuit and a smooth lift arm movement, which boost efficiency on the job site. With the new ZW-5 range, you can look forward to a quick return on your investment and greater profitability.

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  • Model: Cummins QSB6.7.
  • EU Stage IIIB / EPA Tier 4 Interim emission certified.
  • Type: 4-cycle water-cooled, direct injection.
  • Aspiration: turbocharger and intercooled.
  • Aftertreatment: diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC).
  • No of cylinders: 6.
  • Displacement: 6.69L.
  • Maximum net power: 126kW (169HP) at 2000 rpm.
  • Maximum net torque: 800Nm at 1500 rpm.
  • Air filter double elements, dry type with restriction indicator.
  • Pre-cleaner, Sy-klone.


  • Backup alarm.
  • Batteries, large capacity (155AH-900A).
  • Battery disconnect switch.
  • Head lights.
  • Clearance lights.
  • Rear combination lights, brake and tail.
  • Turn signals with hazard.
  • Work light, front (2) and rear (2).
  • Additional work lights on cab, front (2) and rear (2).
  • Rotating beacon provision.
  • 12V power outlet.


  • Torque converter, countershaft type powershift transmission with load sensing system.
  • Computer-controlled automatic shift and manual shift, forward (5) / reverse (3).
  • Heavy-duty planetary final drives, mounted inboard.
  • Torque propotioning differential, front and rear.


  • Independent brake circuit, front and rear.
  • Inboard mounted fully hydraulic 4 wheel wet disc.
  • Spring-applied/hydraulic-released parking brake.
  • 20.5 R25 (L3), Bridgestone VJTZ radial tyres.


  • Variable displacement axial plunger main pump.
  • Multi function joystick and auxiliary lever for 3rd function, 3 spools control valve.
  • Bucket auto leveler, automatic return to dig.
  • Dual lift arm auto leveler, adjustable in cab.
  • Lift arm float system.
  • Ride control with off-auto function.


  • certified cab: multi-plane isolation mounted for noise, vibration reduction.
  • Tinted safety glass: front windshield: laminated, others: tempered.
  • Auto air conditioner with double intake filter.
  • Defroster, front and rear.
  • Sun visor, front.
  • Air suspension seat with headrest, fabric.
  • Retractable seat belt, 50mm.
  • Adjustable steering column with pop-up, telescopic and tilt mechanism.
  • Textured steering wheel with spinner knob.
  • AM/FM radio and AUX terminal for digital audio player.
  • Rear view camera and monitor.
  • Rear view mirrors, inside (2) and outside (2).
  • Windshield washers and wipers, front and rear.


  • Standard lift arm, z-bar linkage.
  • Automatic reversible cooling fan with heat sensing.
  • Powertrain belly guard.
  • Bucket cylinder guard.
  • Counterweight, standard.
  • Counterweight, additional.
  • Drawbar with locking pin.
  • Emergency steering.
  • Front and full covered rear fenders with mud flaps.
  • Global e-service, satellite communication.
  • Lift and tie down hooks.
  • Radiator, standard fin pitch.
  • Operator manual & parts catalogue.

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