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New Tele-handler Arrives

This JCB 531-70 CS is the latest addition to the Brooks Hire Service fleet. Read all about it...

When one of our clients called to say they needed a brand new tele-handler, Brooks Hire Service was quick to respond. We purchased this JCB 531-70 CS specifically to their requirements.

With a 7m reach and 3,100kg lift capacity, the latest JCB 531-70 is a telehandler that’s designed to meet the challenges of any site head-on. Compact dimensions, unrivalled manoeuvrability, unparalleled build quality and all-day operator comfort all come as standard. That means it can take on the very narrowest spaces, slipperiest surfaces and heaviest workloads.

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If you require a specific machine for your project, call Brooks Hire Service and let us know. We've got what you need, when you need it. That's why you're better being with Brooks.