BL005 - Komatsu WB97R-5EO Platinum

This premium spec backhoe incorporates what were previously options as factory standard.


Equipment Class
4 in 1
WB97R-5EO Platinum
Year of Manufacture


Its premium-spec features include: two-way attachments piping, allowing a complete range of attachments, such as hammers, augers, compaction plates, profilers and others to be fitted with no additional modifications; hydraulic quick hitch; hose-burst protection valves on the backhoe, loader and stabiliser hydraulic lines, to protect workers and operators in the event of a hose failure; full hydraulic sideshift; and a four-in-one bucket.

On top of this, it is powered by a 74kW Tier III compliant Komatsu S4D104E-3 diesel engine and uses a HydrauMind closed centre PPC hydraulic system.

All controls are joystick-operated for low-effort operation, are within easy reach of the operator, and the seat/control positions can be easily adjusted to suit any operator’s individual preferences.

On the backhoe unit, new features include the S-shaped excavator-style boom and hydraulic sideshift. 
An electro-hydraulic differential lock, combined with Komatsu heavy duty axles provides increased traction and efficiency in poor underfoot conditions.



Weight 7.6 t
Standard tyres 16.9x28
Bucket width 2.3 m
Bucket capacity 1.03 m³
Drive A
Transport length 5.9 m
Transport width 2.7 m
Transport height 2.3 m
Tear-out force 63.83 kN
Tear-out force backhoe 59.8 kN
Max. Reach horizontal 6 m
Dredging depth 4.8 m
Max. discharge height 2.7 m
Travel speed 40 km/h
Engine manuf. Komatsu
Engine type S4D104E3
Engine power 74 kW
Displacement 4.5 l

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