brooks brings breaker quality 

When it comes to purchasing construction equipment, most people put a lot of consideration into the quality of the machines that they’re purchasing. This is particularly true for large equipment such as excavators, and for very good reason. The quality of construction equipment that you use ultimately affects the efficiency, and productivity on your worksite. Machinery is expensive, and you want to know that you’ve made a sound investment that will stand the test of time. It’s also important to give the same consideration to the quality of your machine attachments such as rock breakers.


Rock breakers are specialised tools designed to break and demolish rocks, concrete, and other tough materials during construction, mining, quarrying, or demolition projects. These attachments use hydraulic power to deliver high-impact blows, enabling them to fracture and break hard materials effectively. With such a high impact workload, the quality of your rock breaker attachment is just as important as the machine that you have it attached to.

The team at Brooks Equipment Sales are just as passionate about quality as their clients are. They’ve recently taken delivery of a range of brand-new rock breakers from Italian manufacturer, Italdem. Specialising in rock breakers and attachments, Italdem have poured over forty years of research into the development of their products. Their Series GK rock breakers use first class materials, and intelligent technology that predicts the morphology of the rock being demolished, automatically triggering the adequate force needed by the hammer as it delivers the blow. Hydraulic fluid is used to build up pressure in the breaker, which is then released in controlled bursts to generate the necessary force to break the rock or concrete.


Outperforming other breakers on the market, Italdem rock breakers are equipped with internal sound-proof walls which contribute to reduced noise. Improvements have been also made to their shock absorbent systems with the old-fashioned springs being substituted with new rubber cushions that absorb the vibrations while in use. Their high-yielding performance is the result of its weight/power correlation developed after much research and studies conducted on the material as it was utilised. The simplicity of its assembly contributes to reduce its maintenance costs considerably.

“We’ve been importing Italdem rock breakers for three years now,” said Brooks Equipment General Manager, Nathan Fenemer. “Our clients use them in some of the toughest work environments in the world, and we’ve always received positive feedback.”


The smallest Italdem rock breaker available through Brooks Equipment is the GK-75S model. This little breaker has an operating weight of 75kg and is suitable for excavators up to 2 tonnes. Following on from there, Brooks Equipment sells rock breakers to suit excavators all the way up to 45 tonnes. The GK-4000S model weighs in at a whopping 4000kg with a chisel diameter of 185mm. This big breaker is perfect for heavy duty demolition and quarry work.

“Our breakers come complete with a mounting plate and pins, a set of hydraulic hoses, chisel tool, and blunt tool,” said Nathan. “We’ve got them in stock now, and we can supply them to any location in Australia. We can even arrange in-house finance for our customers,” he continued.

To learn more about which Italdem rock breaker would suit your machine, visit the Brooks Equipment Sales website at, or give Nathan a call on 1300 276 657.
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