Introduction To Our Dome Shelters

Whether you’re after a short-term shelter solution or long-term, custom-made dome shelter, Brooks Site Services supplies shelters for any jobsite. These engineered container shelters are customisable and suitable for any conditions, including the harshest Australian weather.  


Dome shelters offer protection from dirt, heat, rain, sunlight, and wind. Their common uses include waterproof storage areas, site shelters for staff, and heavy and light vehicle workshops away from the elements.

The adaptability of Brooks’ dome shelters makes them functional for any need, and their design ensures durability in the harshest of conditions, even able to withstand cyclonic winds.

Not only are they effective barriers against severe conditions for your vehicles and machinery, but they also function as protected workspaces for staff. With high-temperature environments known to cause heat-stress injuries and heavy rainfall hindering work productivity, the use of dome shelters provides better working conditions, ensuring increased comfort, safety, productivity, and overall morale in your workforce.


The Details

With many mining and construction areas prone to adverse conditions, the material used on Brooks’ shelters is designed to withstand Australia’s most extreme weather conditions.  

Comprised of a sturdy, large domed canopy with shipping containers on either side, the shelters provide large open spaces to fit heavy machinery, parts for storage, or equipment needing to be worked upon, away from the elements. Insulated structures, the shipping containers can be customised for your specific needs with low ongoing power rates.

The possible addition of AC units to the shipping containers can provide effective retention of optimal temperatures, whether their use be shade shelters, meeting rooms or storage. The canopy itself is 100% UV resistant, achieving a drastically lowered temperature inside.

Another benefit of these structures is the time it takes to construct and dismantle them; able to be completed by a small team in just a matter of hours or days, depending on shelter size, they’re incredibly convenient as semi-permanent or temporary bases, ready to move from site to site.

Their compact and lightweight frame when dismantled, doesn’t hinder their strength; once constructed, they’re extremely strong and durable, certified for all Australian wind region grades.


Customisation of the structure even after it has been erected, leaves little out of the realm of possibility when designing your dome shelter. They’re easy to maintain, and corrosion resistant, ensuring long-term durability at any jobsite.

If you’re interested in adding one of these invaluable structures to your site, speak to our friendly Brooks Site Services team on 1300 276 657 or get an easy quote at

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