Forklifts are essential to the general moving and distribution around workshops, factories and yards. It is generally rear-wheeled steered, which means that the driver can take sharp turns and manoeuvre with ease in restricted areas.


Brooks Hire decided to break in the forklift fleet with Hyster, a top of the range American brand that was a big part of the invention of the modern forklift we know today.

The Hyster forklift 16 is a strong companion for any job even through the most demanding applications. Whether it be cargo, break bulk, lumber, steel or concrete the H16 forklift will provide outstanding performance.

Brooks Hire’s forklifts are available for short and long term hire and rental, and are available from the following branches: Perth, Sydney, Darwin, Bunbury, Albany, Kalgoorlie, Port Hedland, Newman, Karratha, Tom Price, Geraldton, and Broome.

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