Vibrating Roller Padfoot Drum - 12t

These machines are designed for compaction of rockfill, sand, gravel, and semi-cohesive soils. 


Pad Foot Vibrating Rollers
Equipment Class
Pad Foot Vibe Roller


Brooks Hire Service offer machines from Caterpiller, Dynapac and Bomag in this category.

The Caterpillar GC-Series Vibratory Soil Compactors deliver dependable, economical production with performance that exceeds expectations. 

  • The steering console features an LCD display. The display provides diagnostics and additional data to the operator. Machines that are equipped with Cat Compaction Control output compaction measurements to the display as well.
  • A multi-position steering wheel adjusts for comfort. An adjustable vinyl seat with seat belt is comfortable and keeps controls and operating information within easy reach. The 12-volt adapter provides power for personal electronic devices. A floor mat reduces vibrations. Cup holders are provided on the steering column. Large mirrors provide excellent views to the rear of the machine.
  • The operator is provided with excellent visibility to the front, drum edges rear tire edges and rear of machine enhancing safety and production. Optional mirrors provide enhanced visibility to the rear.
Download Specification Brochure for Cat CS12 GC

The CA362 is one of Dynapac’s medium-range vibratory soil compactors. It’s major range of application on cohesive material and disintegrated rock. These machines are designed for compaction of rockfill.
Download Specificatioin Brochure for Dynapac CA362 PD

The Bomag BW211 was designed to provide a lower cost, high quality alternative for today’s contractors. The powerful diesel engine, heavy duty rear axle with no spin differential, and standard dual amplitude provide superior compaction performance on granular and mixed soils as well as on cohesive and semi-cohesive soils.
Download Specification Brochure for Bomag BW211


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