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Kalgoorlie gets a new machine...

This new Komatsu 13 tonne excavator left the Brooks Hire Canning Vale yard early this morning to be delivered to Kalgoorlie for its first job. The excavator, which is fitted out with Top Con GPS also came with a new GP, Batter & Trenching Bucket plus we provided the client with a Tilt Bucket.

Brooks Hire has a vast range of excavator attachments including skeleton buckets, sieve buckets, trenching buckets, tilting buckets, screening buckets, trapezoidal buckets, rock breakers, augers, hydraulic grabs, mechanical grabs, sleeper grabs, gp grapples, 360 degree grapples, hydraulic grapples, rock grapples, plate compactors, compaction wheels and rippers. Just add the attachment of your choice to your quote request. That's why you're better being with Brooks.

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