Oscillating and Vibrating Smooth Drum roller - 12t

These 12t Smooth drum rollers feature 3 point articulation for outstanding traction and off-road mobility.


Smooth Drum Vibrating Rollers
Equipment Class
Smooth Vibe Roller


Simple, intuitive and language-neutral operation, they are easy to operate and have an ergonomic driver platform with rotatable seat operating unit, adjustable driver's seat and tilting steering column.


Weight 11.7 t
Transport length 5.87 m
Transport width 2.25 m
Transport height 2.99 m
Vibration e
Drive A
Travel speed 14 km/h
Frequency 33 Hz
Roller width 2.1 m
Rollers Ø 1,5 m
Amplitude 1.89 mm
Turning radius inside 3.78 m
Statical line load 30,0 kg/cm
Engine manuf. Deutz
Engine type TCD2012 L04 2V
Engine power 155 kW
Revolutions at max torque 2300 rpm
Emission level Tier 3

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