Excavator Steel Tracked - 30 to 34 tonne

Suited to large construction jobs requiring a combination of heavy lift, wide working range and high productivity.


Equipment Class
Caterpillar, Volvo, Komatsu, Hitachi
320D, EC290, PC300, ZX330


Steel Tracked 30-34 tonne Excavators in the Brooks Hire Fleet include Komatsu PC300-8, Komatsu PC300LC-8, Komatsu PC270LC-8, Volvo EC290BLC, Volvo EC290CLV, Volvo EC290CLC, Hitachi ZX330-3, Hitachi ZX330LC-3 and Hitachi ZX350H-3.

Our main excavator model in this catagory is the Komatsu PC300-8 which incorporates a holistic, integrated design with a host of standard factory installed items to provide piece of mind and compliance with industry expectations.  It combines Dash 8 quality and performance with new fuel saving technology to further improve fuel efficiency, upgraded monitor / KOMTRAX functionality and high capacity air conditioning with increased cool down performance.

This 33+ tonne excavator includes the latest technology, ergonomics and features.  It is suited to large construction jobs requiring a combination of heavy lift, wide working range and high productivity.

Highly productive cycle times are achieved through optimum weight and power balance.



Operating Weight33800kg
Swing speed 9.5 rpm
Bucket digging force (ISO) 23200 kgf
Arm crowd force (ISO) 17400 kgf
Digging depth – maximum (mm)7380
Digging reach – maximum (mm)11100
Maximum reach @ ground level (mm)10920
Horsepower, Gross – SAE (kW)194
Horsepower, Net – ISO (kW)187
Horsepower, Net – SAE (kW)187
Rated RPM1950
Fan drive methodMechanical
Displacement (litre)8.27
Number of cylinders6



A Overall length                                               11150 mm

B Length on ground (transport)                      5755 mm

C Overall height (to top of boom)                    3285 mm

D Overall width                                                  3190 mm

E Overall height (to top of cab)                        3145 mm

F Ground clearance, counterweight                 1185 mm

G Ground clearance (minimum)                       500 mm

H Tail swing radius                                           3450 mm

I Track length on ground                                 3700 mm

J Track length                                                  4625 mm

K Track gauge                                                 2590 mm

L Width of crawler                                            3190 mm

M Shoe width                                                   600 mm

N Grouser height                                             36 mm

O Machine cab height                                      2585 mm

P Machine cab width                                        3090 mm

Q Distance, swing center to rear end               3405 mm



Working Range

A Max. digging height                                     10100 mm

B Max. dumping height                                    7050 mm

C Max. digging depth                                       7380 mm

D Max. vertical wall digging depth                    6400 mm

E Max. digging depth of cut for 8′ level             7180 mm

F Max. digging reach                                       11100 mm

G Max. digging reach at ground level               10920 mm

H Min. swing radius                                            4430 mm



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